hair hair everywhere

I hope the picture over there puts you into the mood to read this…it either got you ready or scared you away. If you stuck with me, thanks.

Today is my introduction to the blogging world, so the topic of how humans are all big weirdos has been buzzing in my mind all day. BUT! Starting this blog wasn’t the only accomplishment of my day so far. I also did my laundry.

Yes, I know a HUGE achievement. Since we haven’t formally met yet let me digress for one quick moment and mention that I am a D1 athlete which equals free laundry service. Well, for athletic clothes anyway. But hey, as long as I keep rotating those two pairs of undies I’m good right?  Usually- except on days like today when I forget to pick up my laundry strap leaving me only one option for clean undies….my 10 yr old little brother’s briefs. **before you start judging me – try it out- these things are the only things brave enough to cover my entire bootay**  Unfortunately let’s just say my boyfriend didn’t get very excited by my choice of undergarments and thus leading into my big day of laundry.

On to the point of this post- I recently got out of the shower and I was all excited to put on my new fresh smelling clothes, until my experience was ruined…BY HAIR.  I dried myself off with my super clean towel only to find that it left HAIR all over my body. This of course was a compilation of my hair that all decided to party together in the dryer.  I proceeded to get totally grossed out, complain about my ruined freshness, and pick every hair off my body one by one. All while maintaining an annoyed grimace on my face.

Why is hair so gross? Why do we pick off every hair in it’s undesired place? Why do we cause ourselves EXTREME pain by putting hot wax on our bodies so that some foreign lady can rip it off of us? Why do girls have long hair and boys have short hair? Why is hair considered ‘beautiful’ if you manipulate it the right way? (…only on your head of course.)

Sorry for all the questions but it is little stupid stuff (am I allowed to swear on here? I’m not sure yet, so I’m gonna play it safe) like this that I think about often. Seriously, humans are weird. I don’t know how else to put it. Think about it- Do any other mammals care about their hair? I’m willing to bet that if they do they probably don’t ever get grossed out by it being misplaced!

Most importantly, if I am weird for my hair episode today…what about that girl in the picture above? I mean c’mon. That’s just gross.


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21 yr old student wishing to share my views of the world to any one who cares to listen.
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4 Responses to hair hair everywhere

  1. Green monster says:

    I totally agree, humans are weird! The customs that come and go, the styles that change decade to decade. It’s all so unusual, but it’s our individuality and ability to make our own lifestyle choices that makes us human.

    As for your hair episode after doing the laundry.. I’ve noticed the same hair manifestation in my clothes after just visiting my girlfriend for a night. I spend the night with her and somehow miraculously find long blonde hairs turning up all over the place days later!

    Thank for temporarily entertaining my complete tangent of a story, but coming full circle, HUMANS ARE WEIRD.

  2. jamieonline says:

    OK, that’s one gross photo. I’d rather not look at it, as it makes me think about my cats and their hairballs…….. Imagine a cat coughing up a hair ball like that!!!

    • katecip says:

      haha your reaction was exactly why I used this picture with my post. It really is just some girl loving her extra hair she happened to have lying around…right? I think it is gross too!

  3. katecip says:

    look what I just found:


    1st of all: this person totally feels my vibe about the hair thing
    2nd of all: this person has a blog about hair brushing…

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