long-stemmed roses

Happy Valentine’s Day!!! Cheers to spending tonight alone with last night’s movie popcorn and a bag of M&M’s. I ‘celebrated’ this lovely day (get it? I know I’m so clever) yesterday. When I say celebrated I mean that I received my heart-shaped box of chocolates and a long-stemmed rose.

When the boyfriend showed up yesterday with a long-stemmed rose I was happy to see him and thankful for the thought. Long-stemmed roses are his thing. He likes to show up with one from time to time in his attempt to stay romantic. So yesterday, sorry to say this, when I got my Valentine’s Day issued rose I was not excited in the least. What is strange though is that he felt inclined to present one of his token roses on this particular day. I strongly believe that he gave me one because…he had to. This is the result of the fact that honestly, I would have been PISSED if he forgot to get me one!!

How ridiculous is this day? Seriously. My man got me a rose and a box of chocolates…neither of which evoked my emotions. The gifts didn’t make me believe he loved me, and they definitely didn’t make me feel special. BUT!  I am so happy that I did get these monetary things. I am tempted to start preaching about society and the effect of the media on our culture and blah blah blah. Instead I’m going to stick with how weird this holiday is.

We have created a day devoted to showing your loved ones that you love them. This day is supposed to be about romance but arguably more-so about chocolates and flowers. Humans are kind of pathetic. If you are in love, I believe that you should show it every day, not only because of the Hallmark nature of this day.

Shit, I’m not focused. What is weird to me about all of this is that I am fully aware of the stupidity of this holiday, but yeeeeeeeeettttt I love me some chocolates!!! I feel like such a hypocrite. I acted all cool towards my bf and said something stupid like “why’d  you buy me this? I don’t need some silly heart-shaped box from the local corner store!”  The truth is that I’m actually not cool. I secretly thought: “yesss, I am not a big loner this Valentine’s Day and I have a man to buy me chocolates!!!”

I guess the only explanation is that we humans love attention and if we need to create a holiday to force the people who love us to give us extra attention then so be it. Am I right? I have no idea. If I’m wrong, let’s argue about it.  It’d be fun. All I am sure about is that for some weird reason, I am so happy I got my long-stemmed rose and chocolates for Valentine’s Day.


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21 yr old student wishing to share my views of the world to any one who cares to listen.
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