I really don’t have any content today that would harness a WTF title. Sorry for fooling you. Today I was told in my communications class that in order for people to click on your blog you ought to have a title that is provocative and generates a WTF!!-type reaction. I thought it would be easy for me to do that, but I guess I give myself more merits in the creativity department than I deserve. Seriously, I’m so boring. My blog titles so far have all been blah. I apologize if I have failed to entertain you.

What am I talking about? Who am I even talking to right now? This concept – you know, me sitting here talking to a computer as if it’s one of my buddies – is freaking insane. I can’t believe I waste my time sitting here writing what I think about weird humans so that I can post it to a public site. This probably makes me weird too huh? Well, whatever, we are all weird! Reading blogs, creating blogs, participating in blogs – it’s all the same. We are all engaging in a virtual conversation. It is a pretty badass invention for those who are far away and therefore cannot easily contact each other to have that personal contact. It also makes sense for those who live underground and thus have limited human contact. I fear I am failing to reach my point.

My point: why converse online when you could do it in person?

I think this all comes down to something innate about who I am. I come from a big family and I am one in the middle. The 7th child to be exact. (I tell you this so that you partially feel sorry for me). Being in the middle of lots of kids…it’s a hard life. All I want is for my voice to be heard!!

Ugh. Even just typing that the voice in my head turned into an annoying wining tone and really made me mad. I hope that’s not why I am writing right now. I’m not exactly sure what makes me want to post, but for whatever reason, I still think the act of blogging is freaky. If I wasn’t a weirdo I’d probably shut this off and go talk to someone about this face to face. Instead let us all give thanks that I am a freak and therefore giving you the ability to waste your time with me.

Blogs are weird. If you are reading this you are subject to some sort of emotion. I hope you are agreeing with me and thus want to continue reading. Maybe you’re annoyed with me and want me to just shut up. Or, if you are like my teammate who read my blog yesterday, maybe my blog “makes you angry.” Sad. Not my intention. If blogging is an unnatural way to converse and has the potential to make my teammates angry, I ought to stop.

Don’t worry. I don’t plan on stopping. I just wanted to make sure everyone was on the same page that this little thing we are doing here is weird. That doesn’t mean it isn’t awesome.


About katecip

21 yr old student wishing to share my views of the world to any one who cares to listen.
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3 Responses to WTF!?!

  1. Contents Hot says:

    Yup – the WTF headline grabbed me as did the nice pic of a pretty girl against associated with your blog. Am I sexist? Maybe but at least I read your blog post as result. Hey ho!

  2. jamieonline says:

    OMG! WTF! This post made me laugh.
    Thanks for tricking me into clicking on your blog.
    It was far from boring, BTW!

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