Porcelain Plastered Penis Phenomenon

I am thankful to say that I do not know of any porcelain plastered penes. (I actually just had to Google the plural form of penis…awkward.) Getting a porcelain mold of a penis would be considered extremely weird by today’s standards.  I definitely do not believe that anyone should ever participate in this certain act, but I am here to argue that the only reason it is considered “not normal” is because no one is doing it.

We as a society easily classify things as normal and not normal every day. We aren’t formally educated about what is and isn’t normal (unless you’ve been to some sort of school for manners). What I am personally interested in is: where does the line between normal and weird start, and also, who the hell did we let draw it?

People’s conception of what is normal and what isn’t all has to do with the people they surround themselves with. This past weekend I flew down to Virginia with my team.  Many of my teammates have a little travel buddy that they take on trips with them. No, they do not travel with midgets specialized in massage to make traveling a bit more comfortable. I’m talking about stuffed animals. I wouldn’t mind having one of those midgets though…

In my opinion, having a stuffed animal is not weird by any means. They’re cute and cuddly and provide an excellent place for you to rest your head on. Leave it to my teammates have successfully crossed my personal line of weirdness. On my team it’s normal to have the head of the animal sticking out of whatever carry-on bag they are using. Therefore, my team presents themselves to the public world as a student athlete, who…cares about their little buddy so much to let it breathe fresh air…?

As I walked proudly through the airport with my teammates, I couldn’t help but wonder what image we were portraying. I don’t give a rats ass about what other travelers thought of us, but more-so, I was curious about whether our image struck them as normal or not. I’d like to think that we walked by some adult who secretly wished to themselves that they hadn’t left their travel buddy at home. I bet there were other people who looked at us and thought: ‘Seriously? They are 20 years old! What are they doing with those stuffed animals still?’  Those people can 1. fight me or 2. stop judging.

At the end of the day, who really cares if those little cute animals don’t want to be enclosed in a backpack. Every individual can do what ever they’d like. If you get a few people to do it with you, then suddenly you’re normal.

I am not a fan of the “group think”-type attitude. But hey! At least you’re not a weirdo if you’re not alone. Let’s just all hope that the “group think” attitude won’t apply for something very weird…for example…maybe…porcelain penis molds…(gross)…because if it is as powerful as I suspect it to be…it could turn into a phenomenon. That would have made for a much less cute picture underneath.


P.S. What does my title really have to do with this post? Not much, just thought I’d grab a few more of you weirdos by putting a nasty image in your head. You’re welcome for that.

After-thought — Jimi Hendrix had his penis plastered by a groupie in ’68. It does exist! Very weird.


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21 yr old student wishing to share my views of the world to any one who cares to listen.
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One Response to Porcelain Plastered Penis Phenomenon

  1. Sydney Godett says:

    As a member of said team…with a travel buddy…I would like to reiterate that if we didn’t leave their heads out of our bags how would they breathe and take in the sites? Is it weird that I still consider my stuffed animal a living and breathing creature? Probably, but clearly so do a lot of people. I think if other air travelers disregarded the “group think” opinion that having a stuffed animal into adulthood was weird that airport would be a friendlier place.

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