Time Travel

Why do we all need to be on the same time schedule? I don’t see why it is necessary for everywhere to start at 6am and end at 11:59pm. Couldn’t we all just go along one time schedule? This would really mix things up. Bostonians may start their work day at 4pm, while Californians get to work around 7pm.  It wouldn’t be so hard to figure out…everyone ought to start their day an hour or two after the sun comes up. When God reached out to Moses up on that hill and gave him the 10 commandments, did he also whisper in his ear that “all shall rise from thou beds at 8am” – I doubt it. Time should be universal. What human decided time zones made sense? How come when I drive from Chicago to South Bend, Indiana I zoom an hour into the future? I think that if I wake up at 10 in Chicago and drive two hours to South Bend then it should be 12. I don’t care if the sun sets sooner in one place or the other.

If some of you out there are getting all riled up about how it started because the railroads were created and because of those little kiddies waiting for their bus before daylight savings time — chill out. Frankly, I don’t care about the reasoning. I am simply saying I think it is strange that we as humans feel entitled to manipulate everyone’s perception of time. When I travel, I don’t care about where the sun is. If I feel like it is 2am, and the clock says it’s 7pm…I’m not going to feel up for dinner. No matter if it is the ‘correct’ time for it.

Time zones make me wish that we actually could travel through time. It seems like a big tease to me. When I go west to east I want to see what the future holds, not just be told it is a different time than my body feels. It would be really cool is when traveling east to west we actually did travel back in time, not just gain hours in the day. If any one knows anything about how Superman did it- let me know. I’d love to time travel.


About katecip

21 yr old student wishing to share my views of the world to any one who cares to listen.
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One Response to Time Travel

  1. Green monster says:

    There actually is such a time schedule known as zulu time which has no time zones and only runs on one particular time at all times.. no daylight saving and no losing or gaining an hour.

    I think the time zones are simply to identify how much daylight is left at any place at any given time.

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