Blending In.

I feel obliged to explain my two previous posts.

After my freshman year of college I came home with a little diamond stud inserted into my right nostril. My mother saw it and was horrified. She said it “looked like a boogie” and it was disgusting. She also asked why I felt the need to get it. I, being my cocky college self, said something stupid like: “because I’m badass.”

I spent $40, an hour and a good amount of pain to put a metal stud in my nose. Seems odd. This process did not make me feel badass, it did not make me considered “more cool” by my peers…but yet, I walked out of the piercing shop happy I did it. When my friends saw me they did not react by saying “oh god. what happened to you?” or “What is the purpose of that metal thing, and who’s tracking you by it?” Nope. Instead it was totally normal that I pierced my nose.  Piercings are apart of our culture.

As I walked down Com. Ave. today I thought about my personal image compared to the image of the crowd. No one particularly stuck out, and neither did I. No piercings, tattoos, outfits or any other tricks people may do to show a little personality stuck out. Every one generally blended into each other. I thought about how those people from the previous posts would have fit into this crowd. Had they been walking down the street, I definitely would’ve looked twice.

Was my piercing a less exaggerated version of what my fellow freaks are trying to do? I mean that vampire man clearly wants to be looked at, right? I guess I do too…subconsciously. What is interesting to me about our culture is that it is socially acceptable to be pierced…but only to a certain degree. If I decided to make my little stud into a gauge like that other dude did, that definitely would be weird.  Then it seems that anyone is able to argue that everything could be weird if you do too much of it.

So people, I ask you. What’s better? Blending in or taking a risk by looking like a weirdo in order to stand out?

My personal thought: Best to stand out by having fun acting like a weirdo and not paying money for it. (especially when it’s permanent)


About katecip

21 yr old student wishing to share my views of the world to any one who cares to listen.
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2 Responses to Blending In.

  1. Bob Cipolletti says:

    Well Kate- first I thought your nose piercing looked good. My other comment is your question really has a third option. Blending in or acting like a weirdo are not the only choices and maybe I would posit they are not entirely different…because trying to be weird is like belnding in..just with different set of rules. Having been accused of being weird my whole life, I find it was because I was just being myself and my very diverse circle of friends thought I was weird for very different reasons. My heavy metal friends thought I was weird for hanging out with dead heads, who in turn could not understand how I could possibly listen to Billy Joel or Big Band music. My work colleagues think it is weird that I can recite almost any 1960s- 1970s sitcome theme song and will share it with folks when they ask. My “goth” friends from the 70s could not believe I actually dated a preppy girl who in turn could not understand how I could deal with those wierdos in black. Boys thought it weird I had zero interest in cars other than to drive some place and really thought it weird I collected minerals and fossils. I have been politely called eccletic, and not so politely strange when my friends found out I started playing D&D and liked it…So I guess your third option is really to be yourself, be sensitive to others feelings and realize we all have to blend in to some degree to survive. And whenever I look at someone and think,…boy are they weird..I have to remind myself that… well I have been accused of being weird by legions! Love Ya Kate

    • katecip says:

      I love this comment! This is all about what this blog is attempting to explore. Why do we even have the words “weird” and “normal” – they are relative. I want to emphasize your point about how you were seen as “weird” by doing different things depending on the people you were surrounded by. My next blog post is going to talk about exactly that.

      Thank you so much for the feedback!!

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