the best day of the year

Two words: Marathon Monday.

I assume that some of you n00bs reading this don’t understand the epic-ness of this BU-tiful holiday. To help you all out I have provided the very reliable definition from Urban Dictionary: Marathon Monday.

Let me create the image for you. Businesses are all closed. School is not in session. Thousands of over-achievers decide to run 26.2 miles from Hopkinton, MA all the way to downtown Boston. Meanwhile, all of the average Bostonians stand along their course cheering them on. Sounds lovely doesn’t it?  Oh, I forgot one little part. For the average spectator, this is a day to get absolutely wasted, in public.

Every student who attends college in Boston knows the truth about this day: it is the best day of the year.  It’s the day in which we all join together in strange outfits and drink Slurpees from 7/11 mixed with vodka.  Unfortunately for this Bostonian, I felt as if Santa forgot about Christmas. Instead of presents, the Marathon saint forgot to provide me with the ultimate gift: alcohol.

As an athlete, I have commitments and responsibilities. I’m not only expected to push a big heavy bar up and down twice a week to build my muscles, but I’m expected to not consume any booze 48 hrs before a game. I have a game tomorrow and thus, I was forced to a sober marathon experience. I still got to go and cheer on the runners. I still got to enjoy the sun and the atmosphere. I am no booze-bag, but, my marathon monday experience just wasn’t what I wanted it to be.

There’s just something about alcohol. It’s like a magic potion. You drink it and suddenly, the world begins looking a little bit brighter. Everything becomes a little bit more fun. The best part is that you’re totally allowed to act a lot more ridiculous after consuming it. So my marathon monday? Boring.  It just seemed wrong.

Boozing is a regular night time activity.  Sit back, have a drink, relax.  Get dressed up, go to a bar, flirt. Either seems pretty regular. Day drinking? Different story.  Not regular by any means. Something about the phrase “kegs and eggs” just makes me so happy. Marathon Monday last year just might have been my favorite day of college. Why? Because I got so drunk by 11am and flaunted it in public with the rest of my peers. Duh.

This finally leads to me to my point. Why is alcohol so freakin’ awesome? I think it is hilarious that humans have come up with a way to alter our personalities for a few hours. I’m not going to get into drugs because those are a little too hardcore for most…although 4/20 is tomorrow…but alcohol? perfectly acceptable.  I doubt any other creatures on planet Earth have come up with a way to alter our state of minds.

Some of you out there may be reading this and think ‘big whoop, I day drink all the time.’ If so, you’re clearly not from Boston. You’re lucky I am both loving and understanding. So loving in fact that I will help educate you by showing some things Twitter is saying about #MarathonMonday today:

My roommate just said she didn’t drink on #marathonmonday and that it was a GOOD thing. I’m very, very confused…
@BUBiddie BU Biddie
Amen to that! RT @BUgirlproblems: WTF HAPPENED TODAY? #Marathonmonday
@thedalz Dalya Benor
OFFICIALLY BETTER THAN XMAS…. my dream come true #marathonmonday
@alanna_joyce Alanna Joyce
RT @chelsearesnick #marathonmonday good luck to the runners. And good luck to my liver.

anddddd…one last thought: who do you think feels worse today-the people who ran 26.2 miles or the people who drank 26.2 beers? Hard to tell. Check out my teammates point of view about it:


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