Easter Sunday

This post may offend people but offending people is not my intention. I just wanted to bring up some points about what many of us considered tradition this morning.

It’s Easter. I went home last night so that I could be with my family come Easter morning. My mother raised me well, and when I woke up I immediately dressed in my Sunday’s best. I dolled myself up and went off to church. My family was joined by countless numbers of men, women and children; all dressed in suits and floral dresses. We all had to cram into my tiny church. The balcony was overflowing with people and the rest were in the aisles. The congregation was all there for the same reason: to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Jesus lived an awfully long time ago; Christians use the Bible to recount the stories of his life. All those people sitting in my church this morning, along with millions of churches all around the globe, believe in those stories. The story of Jesus and his resurrection is the best one of them all. Through this story, today’s christians are comforted with the idea of an afterlife. Jesus supposedly sacrificed himself for us. Wow, thanks Jesus that was really nice of you.

I am going to withhold my viewpoint about the Christian faith, because to scrutinize one religion over another is not the point of this post. I will say that I believe faith is a good thing, no matter what God you may have faith in. Faith is comforting and makes us better people.

My question is about the origin of religion. Religion exists within every human culture. Who decided that dressing nice and going to a “house of worship” was any more legitimate than those crazy cults from the 70’s? Also, with the technology that we have access to- where is all the hard scientific evidence that these people are actually real? It’s okay with me if they’re not real, I would just like to know.

I’ve heard people claim that believing in XY or Z is ridiculous. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion…but before you make claims like this- know that others may think the same things about YOUR beliefs.

This morning I recited text I’ve had memorized for years. I listened to the choir sing in a language I couldn’t understand. I passed the lord’s peace to strangers I’ve never met. I knelt on my knees to eat a wine-filled wafer. I stood up and sat down depending on the order.
This was exactly how I wanted to spend my Sunday morning.

I was born into this tradition. It seems right to me. I’ve learned about an almighty, all-knowing God who loves me. Other people are born into different traditions. They learn about different Gods, different messengers. And I’m fine with that.

What I want to know is how did all of this religious thinking come about in the first place? I just think it’s interesting that certain beliefs can truly shape your life, yet most can’t trace to the origin of why we started believing in these things in the first place.


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21 yr old student wishing to share my views of the world to any one who cares to listen.
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2 Responses to Easter Sunday

  1. katecip says:

    I know this is wrong of me…but I couldn’t resist. Watch this video. It’s funny


  2. I’ve wandered my way here and read this post. I liked it. Let me tell you my opinion of religions and ‘faiths’.

    Faith as you describe it is a universal positive, that it “is comforting and makes us better people”. I have reasons to seriously doubt the latter half of that quote – I would wait for some demonstration of this before accepting the proposition. As to faith’s resultant comfort: sure, perhaps. I ask you to consider, however, if you consider other consequences of faith to be as virtuous as those you mention. Consider the belief in an afterlife, which could be postulated sans faith, but is typically joined to the faith in religious systems. There’s nothing seemingly malodorous about the proposition of an afterlife, until one realizes that there is no evidence for such a thing, and additionally it will lead people to think it is due to them while being an illusion. A person may lead their life in preparation for something which doesn’t even exist. Their faith has led them to this belief – their willingness and want to believe without evidencial reason has led them astray. It is an inoccuous example, but it is one of many. Atrocities (as well as acts of beneficence) are committed every day as a result of ‘faith’, that’s ‘faith’ in quotes. It is different from the dictionary definition roughly equivalent to ‘hope’. It really is a different mindset. In what other facet of your life would you eschew reasons in order to make a foundational devotion to an idea or system?

    On religions – they are man-made. It is abundantly evident. The books, the rituals, the stories, the myths, the heirarchies, all mammal-made. How did the “religious impulse” originate? Can’t say for sure. I am convinced that with improvements in psychology over the next century and continuing that our reasons for believing such propositions and making such devotions will be unraveled. Religion only exists in the brain, remember this. There is no religion outside of skulls – only books, art, music, etc.

    In a nutshell, the idea of god or gods are old postulations, old projections of the human condition onto the universe. Many people equate god to certain notions we are famiilar with, like “God is Love”, or “God is Nature”, or “God is the Human Experience”. This is redundancy….why bother using the ‘god’ word, just use ‘love’, ‘nature’, or ‘human experience’.

    This is to completely exclude any discussion of the ‘holy books’, which in practice essentially anchor our moral conversation to the 1st and 9th centuries, and retard any improvement on that front.

    For religious ritual and recitation to be comforting and familiar to you is natural – it happens to billions across this globe. My question to you is: is any of it true? Is any of it demonstrable? Most of it, definitely not. Does it comfort you? Yes. Does that make it true? No. Does that make it virtuous? Not necessarily. Does it cause good? Yes, sometimes. Does it cause evil? Yes, sometimes.

    IMHO – ‘god’ is an idea humans created just like ‘love’, ‘jealousy’, ‘hatred’, etc. It is not a being. The Bible and other books are legendary anthologies from old times. The only reason they appear to be ‘good books’ is because we cherry pick the good out of them, and scuttle the bad. We do this with our fluid and improving moral judgment in the 21st century. Humans would do well to abandon the supernatural garbage, patent un-truths, join together to discuss morals in a modern sense, continue their devotions but NOT toward the end of the propagation of the business that is “church”, and transcend tribalistic and parochial notions of god.


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