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Easter Sunday

This post may offend people but offending people is not my intention. I just wanted to bring up some points about what many of us considered tradition this morning. It’s Easter. I went home last night so that I could … Continue reading

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the day of my birth.

Today is 4/20. Today is Wednesday. Today is the international day for smoking weed. Today, Hitler was born many years ago. What a wonderful day today is. Today is the day of my birth! Everyone keeps saying “Happy Birthday!” to … Continue reading

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things that are unacceptable to talk about publicly

One of the reasons my friends consider me a bit…odd…is because I will talk about anything, anywhere. This pisses me off. As humans, we all do the same things. We have the same body parts and therefore, the same issues. … Continue reading

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my 10 particular daily habits

Oh you know. Just some things I have done recently. Due to the thickness of my thighs, climbing up more than 2 flights of stairs is not an option. Therefore, I prefer to stand in an enclosed metal box that pulls … Continue reading

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