artistic fabulousness

If I dress a little bit too different, I’m looked at with scrutiny. If I act a little big outrageous, I draw too much attention to myself. If I create an amazingly abstract piece of art, I’m a genius.

I had the pleasure of going to London last August. During my shopping trip I stumbled upon Harvey Nichol’s window displays. This store took tiny mundane objects and created them into beauty.

If I manipulated little plastic horses, my friends would probably institutionalize me. If I compiled enough pencils to make a tree out of them, my family might disown me. What about if I found enough cassette players to rip them apart and make a piano out of them? Would it be considered art? I’m going to go with NO.

These displays are so cool that I remembered them many months later. Who knows, maybe this artist was considered weird at first. After working for Harvey Nichols, this guys is nothing short of FABULOUS.

'Man made from books on bench made from books.'Ok, I’m not going to lie. I secretly wish I could make a guy out of books. I just want you to sit back for a second and image if you saw your roommate starting this process. Not normal right? Humans creation of ‘art’ boggles my mind. It is just so weird and I don’t get it.


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21 yr old student wishing to share my views of the world to any one who cares to listen.
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